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Two Dancers on a Stage, c.1874

Edgar Degas

Two Dancers on a Stage, c.1874 - Edgar Degas -

Title:Two Dancers on a Stage, c.1874
Painted by:Edgar Degas
Dimensions:18.11 inch wide x 24.02 inch high

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this painting is very good! (Y):D x
Posted by amiie on 10.December 2010, 07:05

The paiting is truly smashing and we love the detail edgar has used. We are researching more on edgar and his paintings and are very pleased with the results. We are edgars number 1 fans. Our favourite painting is definatly two dancers on stage. Bravo to my lovely dear edgar. we love your painting! My second favourite is a ballet reheasal on stage. we love the way our dear edgar has slightly changed the name to make it a ballet reharsal. We love ballroom dancing which is a type of dance which means that we love our edgars paintings because most of them are about dance. WE LOVE YOU EDGAR! from Mary and Dianna
two dancers on a stage
Posted by edgar number 1 fan on 28.June 2011, 06:25

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