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Blue Dancers, c.1899

Edgar Degas

Blue Dancers, c.1899 - Edgar Degas -

Title:Blue Dancers, c.1899
Painted by:Edgar Degas
Location:Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia
Dimensions:25.59 inch wide x 25.59 inch high

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I viewed this work at the Pushkin and was stunned by it's beauty. No replication can possibly capture the subtle texture of the pastels. Absolutely the most incredible work of art I've ever seen
Degas Blue Dancers/ Pushkin
Posted by Byron Bell on 19.October 2009, 10:13

this is a beautifull painting

Posted by lakeisha on 5.May 2010, 19:40

whoaa that is an awesomazing painting i have ever seen i just wish he was alive so i can get his autograph

Posted by Zandra Blain on 8.June 2010, 01:51

I sat looking at this picture for 30 minutes in the Puskin museum the blues colours are mesmerising
Posted by Miles Cunningham on 6.October 2010, 07:27

The painting really brings out the artworks mood. A fantastic use of colours. Really brings out the blue. Wish i could [paint/draw]let's say be like him. It really pulls you in. A brilliant painting for an assignment=]

Posted by honey babe on 23.November 2010, 05:20

I looove your artwork!!!
blue dancers
Posted by Lynette on 1.February 2012, 14:11

I really like his artwork it is just so interesting and cool to look at.
Posted by Crazy and Random on 29.February 2012, 14:52

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